The name BOA is based off of an acronym for Builders of Awesome which is more than just a cute title, it is a part of our culture. We are constantly striving to go above and beyond to produce the best possible solutions for our clients. We want to see each and everyone one of clients achieve success and growth and any solution that assists with that is pretty awesome to us. That is what we are here to build.

A little history

Our company was formed out of Bit-Wizards, a custom software development company. Bit-Wizards' primary focus is in the technical space offering custom development solutions for web, desktop and mobile as well as a full range of IT services. The talented digital marketing team at Bit-Wizards was producing award winning results and exceeding clients' expectations but was clouding the marketing of the company and faced with challenges from being a master-of-all-trades type of company. Thus the idea to split out BOA was executed . This allows us to focus on what we do best and have the conversations with our audiences without the other distractions of the other services. This wasn't a divorce though, Bit-Wizards and BOA are still tightly integrated and together we are a provide a powerful digital partnership across multiple disciplines.

Our team at BOA consists of passionate creatives, digital marketers, developers, strategists and project managers. We pride ourselves on our family-like culture and we treat each client like they are part of that family. This means we go through the ups and downs together, we help each other be better and we always have each others back. All of our employees hold and maintain industry certifications and are active participants in the professional community as well.

Trusted Advisors

If you are just looking for a "yes" agency, that's not us. We are experts in our fields and it is out responsibility to get you the best solution possible. Even if that means telling you that you are wrong sometimes.

Award Winning

Our solutions have won numerous awards from recognized industry associations and product vendors. Winning is part of our attitude. Second-best just isn't good enough.

Certified Experts

Everyone on our staff is a certified expert in their discipline. Life-long learning is one of the core values at BOA. We ensure our employees always have access to the best training available.

Meet Our Key Players

Vince Mayfield
Chief Executive Officer

Vince is the CEO and co-founder of 2 companies: BOA & Bit-Wizards. In addition to being a fearless leader, Vince is a coder with over 18 years of experience developing software and applications. When he finds free time, he loves spending it with his beautiful family, playing golf or flying planes.

Louis Erickson
Chief Operations Officer

Louis manages the day-today operations of BOA as the company’s Chief Operations Officer. Along with co-founder Vince Mayfield, he too is a coder and has led a team of software engineers and designers since 2000. Louis has a passion for bodybuilding, skiing, and is a skilled poker player. He also enjoys Latin dancing, sailing, and traveling with his beautiful wife Tabitha.

Alex Morrow
Director of Solution Sales

Alex has a background in software development and her experience in the IT and marketing industries give her a unique selling perspective because she understands the technology behind solutions. She is the proud wife of a Major in the Army 7th Special Forces Group as well as a proud mom to a young BMX star. Alex is convinced that if she actually practiced, she could become a professional golfer.

Mike Whalen
Director of Digital Marketing

Mike is a passionate designer, coder and marketer who is always looking for the next challenge. He holds multiple certifications and has won numerous awards for his work. Outside of the office, Mike is a huge sports addict, amateur photographer and loving husband to his wife, Mallory.

John Jackson
Technical Director

John Jackson, or "JJ" as we call him, is adept at many areas of development including web, smart client, mobile application, and database development. He is responsible for setting the technical direction on our projects and keeping the team update on the latest technologies. JJ is a big Florida Gators fan and spends all of his free time boating, beaching, and fishing in the gulf with his family.

Michael Morris
Project Coordinator

Michael’s background covers a broad spectrum of development and marketing with 15+ years’ of experience in the industry. He is an active member of the American Advertising Federation, serving as Treasurer of the Emerald Coast Chapter. Michael and his wife enjoy hosting parties at their home and kayaking with their children. On Wednesdays, he can be found crewing in his local sailing club’s races.


We are always looking for talented & passionate people to join our team. Send us your resume and let's see if we are a good fit for each other.

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