Consumer Electronics Association

Video Microsite with Integration

Problem / Goals

Consumer Electronics Association needed a microsite that would serve and stream a large amount of videos that they uploaded to uStudio, a third-party video hosting platform. The microsite needed to be mobile optimized and provide fast navigation and search abilities. Also, it had to be able to pull and play hundreds of videos to a large audience during their annual conference. 

The Solution

We designed and developed the custom solution based on a grid layout with varying block sizes. Using responsive design, we were able to ensure the solution was optimized for mobile users across all devices. Asynchronous calls to the uStudio web service provides the ability to load page data sets on demand. This produced optimal user experience and performance by only loading small sets of video at first and then pulling additional sets as the user scrolled down the page rather than needing to pull a very large amount of data upfront. We again used asynchronous calls to perform the search and filtering options which again produced optimal performance and user experience. The entire solution was integrated into CEA's existing content management system and a management interface was developer to give CEA full flexibility of the solution.

The Results

The microsite was a hit and received positive feedback from CEA's users. The solution easily handled the mass amount of traffic and videos during the annual conference. Mobile optimization provided exposure of the conference to a wider global audience. CEA can now reuse this solution for other needs in the digital landscape with minimal effort.