Fire Starter Publishing

Mobile E-commerce Site with Integration

Problem / Goals

Fire Starter Publishing is a sister company to Studer Group. They needed a robust ecommerce platform with all of the same requirements as the Studer Group site (case study). In addition to those requirements, they also needed the site to integrate with their distribution warehouse. They also need to provide real-time, accurate sales tax and shipping rates to their customers. 

The Solution

Our teams worked tightly with the Fire Starter Publishing and Studer Group teams to design the optimal solution. Our creative team produced an update UI with enhanced branding for the Fire Starter Publishing site which was mobile optimized using responsive design. The technical team wrote the custom solution to sync orders with the distribution warehouse for fulfillment and receive the tracking information once the order was fulfilled. We integrated with Avalara for real-time sales automation and UPS for real-time shipping calculations. Since Fire Starter Publishing and Studer Group are tightly integrated, we decided to install both sites together into the same instance of Kentico CMS to allow easier management and cross-site reporting. 

The Results

Sales and traffic have increased for Fire Starter Publishing since launching their new website. The integrations with back-end systems have automated previously manual efforts thus freeing up time to focus on growing the company. Fire Starter Publishing is now equipped to efficiently manage their product catalog, promote new offers and track conversions. They continue to enhance the solution with plans to add additional features for content engagement. Fire Starter Publishing was recently acquired with Studer Group by Huron Consulting for $360 million. Their advance website and investment in the right technologies were factors in the purchasing decision.