Studer Group

Website Development and Optimization

Problem / Goals

Studer Group came to BOA needing a very robust web platform with ecommerce. This platform needed to serve as their primary website and integrate multiple backend systems for business automation. Studer Group's business model is complex and based around contracts sold to organizations with different benefits. They need the site to provide the users of these organizations the correct benefits and access rights based on the contracts which live in their backend systems and they needed it to be mobile optimized. In addition to the business logic, Studer Group also needed to provide multiple departments the ability to manage their respective areas of the site. This included marketing for managing content, executing campaigns and tracking lead generation, the IT staff for monitoring and configuring the integration aspects and the product teams for managing the product catalog, ecommerce configuration and custom communications.

The Solution

Our creative, technical and marketing teams worked hand-in-hand with Studer Group to design and architect the optimal solution. We produced an updated UI with enhanced branding and used responsive design for mobile optimization. The technical team built custom integrations to interface and sync necessary data between the website and Studer Groups financial system, CRM system, and product distribution warehouse. We also integrated with Avalara and UPS for real-time sales tax and shipping automations. The entire solution was built around Kentico EMS which provided the content management, campaign management, product management and lead tracking solution that Studer Group needed.

The Results

Since completing the project, Studer Group has seen increased engagement with their partners. Traffic and revenue have increased. Automating back-office processes through the integrations with the site has allowed Studer Group employees to focus more time on growing the business. Their Business Development team now has valuable insight into how their leads are interacting with their content and can focus their efforts more effectively when closing deals. The Studer Group website continues to expand as it should and Kentico CMS gives them the framework to make the happen. Studer Group was recently purchased by Huron Consulting for $360 million. Their technology investment and marketing capabilities played a part in the acquisition.